Dr. Gladys West

Dr. Gladys West is a mathematician who led the development of the global positioning systems (GPS) that is currently used in cars and phones.

Dr. LeTrecia Gloster

Dr. LeTrecia Gloster is the Assistant Superintendent of the York (PA) School District. Select link for more.

Mr. Hamilton Hatter

Mr. Hamilton Hatter was an inventor, educator, and the first president of Bluefield Colored Institute (now Bluefield State College).

Dr. Edray Herber Goins

Dr. Edray Herber Goins is one of only three Black people to earn a Ph.D. in math from Stanford University.

Dr. Gloria C. Hewitt

Dr. Gloria C. Hewitt is the fourth Black woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics and first Black woman to chair a mathematics department.