The Alaska Highway Veterans

The Alaska Highway Veterans were the Black soldiers responsible for building the only land route to Alaska from the rest of the United States during WWII.

Dr. Laila Boisselle

Dr. Laila Boisselle is one of a small group of researchers worldwide whose expertise lies in Indigenous (First Nations/Aboriginal) Knowledges, particularly Indigenous (First Nations/Aboriginal) Sciences.

Mr. Norbert Rillieux

Mr. Norbert Rillieux was an inventor who is also considered to be one of the first chemical engineers in the United States.

Dr. Aletha Maybank

Dr. Aletha Maybank is the first Chief Health Equity Officer at the American Medical Association.

Dr. J. Ernest Wilkins

Dr. J. Ernest Wilkins was the 7th Black person to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics and the 2nd Black person to be named to the National Academy of Engineering.