Dr. Legand Burge III

Dr. Legand Burge III is a professor and the former chair of the Department of Computer Science at Howard University.

Dr. ClarLynda Williams-Devane

Dr. ClarLynda Williams-Devane is the Director of the State Center for Health Statistics at the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

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Dr. Delayne Y. Johnson

Dr. Delayne Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Literacy at Delaware State University.

Dr. Grant M. Warner

Dr. Grant M. Warner is a Howard University professor in mechanical engineering and an established technology entrepreneur.

Dr. Carlita B. Favero

Dr. Carlita B. Favero is an Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience at Ursinus College.

Dr. Yolanda Jones

Dr. Yolanda Jones is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Alcorn State University.