Dr. ClarLynda Williams-Devane

Dr. ClarLynda Williams-Devane is the Director of the State Center for Health Statistics at the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

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Dr. Delayne Y. Johnson

Dr. Delayne Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Literacy at Delaware State University.

Dr. Elbert Cox

Dr. Elbert Cox is the first Black person to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics (1925).

Dr. Edray Herber Goins

Dr. Edray Herber Goins is one of only three Black people to earn a Ph.D. in math from Stanford University.

Dr. Gloria C. Hewitt

Dr. Gloria C. Hewitt is the fourth Black woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics and first Black woman to chair a mathematics department.

Katherine Johnson

Mrs. Katherine Johnson was employed as a “computer” at NASA, the term given to women who performed mathematical calculations for NASA engineers.